Mera Jeevan Teri Sharan Jagjit singh Bhajan Piano notes I Guitar notes

Mera Jeevan Teri Sharan Jagjit singh Bhajan Piano notes I Guitar notes I is available on Pianonotes.sangeetbook.

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  • “ * ” is used in *A#   for showing the lower octave notes from the root note .
  • “-” is used for stretching the notes acc to the song.
  • Notes written “A#C” in this manner means they are playing fast or two notes on one beat.
  • (G#)F# here “G#” is kan swar or sparsh swar and “F#” is mool swar.


Mera Jeevan Teri Sharan

Original scale – F


Sthai –

Mera  / Jeevan  / Teri Sharan

A A / A# – – A G F/ .E F.D .E F


Antara –

Sare  / Raag /  Virag /  Huye Ab

.E .C .E F/ G – G – / G A G – A / A# A GFF

Moh Sare Tyaag Huye Ab ….same as above line

Ek Yahi  / Mera /  Bandhan

A G C C C – / C D (C)A# – AG / A A# A G F 

Mera Jeevan Teri Sharan


Antara –

Avirat Raha Bhatakta Ab Tak

Bhatku Main Aur Abhi Kab Tak

Palu Kewal Tujko Hi Maa

Ek Yeha Hai Meri Lagan

Mera Jivan Teri Sharan


Antara –

Tere Charano Par Hun Arpan
Mere Jeevan Ke Guna Awagun
Sari Vyathaye Dur Karo Maa
Ho Kushimit Mera Bandhan

Mera Jivan Teri Sharan
Sare Raag Virag Huye Ab
Moh Sare Tyaag Huye Ab
Ek Yahi Mera Bandhan
Mera Jeevan Teri Sharan

Jai Jai Maa Jai Maa Jai Jai Maa


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