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Song – Likhe jo khat tujhe

Artist – Mohammed Rafi,Shankar-Jaikishan

Album – Ehsaas Pyar Ka – Mohammed Rafi – Vol. 1

Original scale – Cm


  • “.” is used for showing the lower octave notes from the root note .
  • “-” is used for stretching the notes acc to the song.
  • Notes written “A#C” in this manner means they are playing fast or two notes on one beat.
  • (G#)F# here “G#” is kan swar or sparsh swar and “F#” is mool swar.


Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe

D# D CD .A# C- –

Woh Teri Yaad Mein…..same as above lines

Hazaaron  / Rang Ke

D C.A# – / .G .A# .G#
Nazaare Ban Gaye
.G# .G .F – / .D# .G .F –

Sawera Jab Huya
To Phool Ban Gaye
Jo Raat Aayi To
Sitaare Ban Gaye …….same as above lines

Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe

D# D CD .A# C- –


Filler –

G – – CG CG – / G – – CG CG –

G – – – / GG# A#C* A#G# GF D#D C- – –


(D#)D – .A# C.G# .A# .G .G# .F .(G)G#


GG# A#C* A#G# GF D#D C- – –


Likhe jo khat tujhe song Stanza-
Koyi Nagma  / Kahin Goonja

G G A# A# CC/ D# D# D D CC- –
Kahan Dil Mein / Yeh Tu Aayi….same as above lines
Kahin Chatki Kali Koyi

DD – D – D – / DD F F F F G –
Main Yeh Samjha,  / Tu Sharmaayi

D#D# DD CCA# – / A#A# DD CC-
Koyi Khushboo Kahin Bikhri

FF – F – F – / FF E G F
Laga Yeh /  Zulf /  Lehraayi
F D# D C.A# / .A#CDC/ .A#  – .G# –  .G  –
Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe…

Stanza 2

Fiza Rangeen, Adaa Rangeen
Yeh Ithlaana, Yeh Sharmaana
Yeh Angdhaayi, Yeh Tanhaayi
Yeh Tarsa Kar, Chale Jaana
Bana De Ga Nahi Kisko
Jawaan Jadoo Yeh Deewana

Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe.

Jahan Tu Hai, Wahan Main Hoon
Mere Dil Ki Tu Dhadhkan Hai
Musafir Main Tu Manzil Hai
Main Pyaasa Hoon Tu Saawan Hai
Meri Duniya Yeh Nazre Hain
Meri Jannat Yeh Daaman Hai

Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe…

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