Jingle bell Christmas song Pianonotes I Guitar notes

Jingle bell Christmas song Pianonotes

Original scale –  F

Swarlipi /स्वरलिपि भातखण्डे स्वरलिपि

Instructions- Lyrics of song is devided by “/ ” and their sargam notes also respectively.

How to play song “Jingle bell Christmas song

jingle bells

Dashing through the snow

.C A G  F  /  .C –  –  

On a one-horse open sleigh,

.C/ .C A G  F  /  .D   –  – 

Over the fields we go,

.D / .D A#  A G /  .E –  –

Laughing all the way;

.E /  C C A#  – /   G  A –  – /

Bells on bob-tail ring,

.C A G  F  /  .C –  –  


Making spirits bright,

.C/ .C A G  F  /  .D   –  –  – /

What fun it is to ride and sing

.D / .D A#  AGC C C– /

A sleighing song tonight.

D  C A G / F –  –  –  /


Jingle bells, jingle bells,

A A A –  / A A A – /

Jingle all the way!

A C F  G  / A –  –  –  /

O what fun it is to ride

A#  A#  A#  – /  A A A –  /

In a one-horse open sleigh.

C C A G  / F –  –  –  /

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